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I guess it depends on the device.

macos - Controlling audio output's sample/bit rate on OSX from command prompt - Ask Different

Caramby A pleasant 95 35C in proper degrees. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Jul 3, AM in response to Eriksimon In response to Eriksimon Hi Erik: A bit vague, but I believe that theoretically you check resample in either of two cases: -You need some devices to resample because they were set to a different sampling rate, you change them, and you want the Aggressive Device settings to update itself -When you have devices not designated as clock master.

In practice, I haven't found much use for this, although once it did solve a digital noise problem.

Most of the time I've left it alone. Equally good results can be achieved by slaughtering a chicken and dancing in the bloodied feathers, as this aspect of OSX seems more to do with a black art than science.

Play sound on multiple devices, including Internal Speakers, on OS X

Audio Speciality level out of ten: 0. Jul 3, PM in response to Eriksimon In response to Eriksimon I would think this is something one would avoid if at all possible. This is just a guess Loading page content.

Mac OS X Audio MIDI Setup Overview

User profile for user: Caramby Caramby. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jul 3, PM in response to Pancenter In response to Pancenter Still, the big question is: why is this not described anywhere?

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I already exhaustively searched the KB, but zilch. Unfortunately the browsers don't provide a way for us to know when sample rates have changed at the moment but this will eventually be available. One solution is to ensure that all of your devices are plugged in and ready to go before loading the recording page.

Additionally, if you change devices, you can simply refresh the recording page to ensure that Zencastr has up-to-date information on your devices. Another option is to ensure that all of your audio devices are set to the same sample rate. Then it doesn't matter if they are changed because the sample rate will always be the same. Community Have a feature request or suggestion? Post your idea here!

Set aggregate device settings in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac

Any help would be appreciated. Date Votes. Awesome - thanks for reporting back and enjoy! Hi pulse, I've attached screen grabs of my traktor audio setup and output routing along with my audio midi settings.

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Any advice? It's still all coming out of one line.

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Thanks again How do I switch to external mode? Hey - I changed the mixer over, but don't get the 0 and 1 options, see attached. What do I need to do?