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How to Get Internet Explorer on Mac and Why You Might Need That?

Here's how you go about changing the user agent in Safari. Click Safari in the Menu bar. Click Preferences. Click Advanced. Check the box next to Show Develop menu in the menu bar. Click Develop. Hover over User Agent. Doing this should get you through a website detection-checker.

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Here's how. To create this article, 16 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: Internet Explorer Mac. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: September 6, Learn more Download the WineBottler package. It should begin downloading immediately. Open the disk image. Copy both Wine and WineBottler into your Applications folder as prompted. Install X IE 11 has only [tab format]. I cannot select [window format]. Although IE 8 has both formats. When I updated to IE 11, some letters were blurred, like an unfocused sight.

Although IE 8 can display all characters clearly. The search bar search frame in the window was vanished.

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Therefore, I cannot search anything forever. Any icons of add-ons could not show on the status bar. So, I returned to IE 8. I strongly recommend for you not to use IE IT keeps on poping up in the middle of my shows that I watch ,and then because of another stupid pop up it has it takes me a half hour trying to close it and by the i missed my show because of this stupid internet browser,or I send a very rude message to someone because I don't get to finish editing my text before it pops up and makes me send it ,I also tried to uninstall it and it still pops up.

Internet Explorer is known as bad, but it has improved. It's still not a perfect browser, but it's not a crap anymore. Read reply 1. It's completely true.

We often say that Internet Explorer is garbage just because it's a stereotype. But, luckily Microsoft started to improve their browser, and now it's already one of the good ones. Ancient browser that seems to came from prehistory browser age. But, the new version of Internet Explorer is good.

Don't use Internet Explorer. Use Google or Mozilla Firefox instead. You will be glad you did.

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Internet Explorer 8 is a crap. Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, it's much better. If you have Windows XP and can't do it, go to Firefox. So far there's nothing good I can find about it, except with Norton I was able to save all of my passwords. Sucks, its the worst search engine that Microsoft has ever created. I never saw something that has so many flaws.

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When you do a search it constantly locks up and have to constantly use task manager to shut the tabs down. The live tile version is exactly the same way. Another problem on their home page when you click on the main article tile 90 percent of the time now it doesn't work or the page can't fill itself completely in.

Run IE on your Mac. No VMs.

They need to fire the creator or whoever created 11 the worst on in their history. When I try to report a problem it's near impossible to let them know. It's such a shame when these idiots tied it into their new search feature but it doesn't work. False advertisement on how great 8. This is a very bad browser, it is better then ie6 and 7 but ewww!!! This is an useless review.

Please specify why you don't like Internet Explorer. In our current world IE4 to IE5.