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Hide Software Updates from the App Store in Mac OS X

I tried right clicking the updates to see if it would show me a "hide" or "ignore" option without any luck. Am I missing anything or did Apple just remove that option? If so, may Steve Job's ghost haunt them until they are all driven crazy. Right-Click "Hide update" worked in Sierra through Some time in the last couple of updates it stopped being an option. However: Updates you previously "hid" in an earlier version of Sierra are still flagged as "hidden" and still stay out of sight, you just cant add any new items to hide. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to Turn Off or Hide the Distracting Red Notification Badges on the App Store Icon

How to hide app store updates in macOS Sierra? Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 10 months ago. Active 10 months ago.

Take control of OS X updates - stop, hide, show, install them | RAW Mac

Viewed 1k times. My OCD is not pleased. I don't want to see a number on my pretty App Store icon :p Am I missing anything or did Apple just remove that option? Ctrl-click does nothing for Apple Updates. Purchases, yes: you get "Hide Purchase". Looks like this only works with Apple updates. The option doesn't appear with third-party apps. You can test this right now if you haven't updated for a while because a Safari update is waiting. It works there, but not on any other apps queued to be downloaded including Apple's own iWork apps.

I have apple updates waiting: system update, garage band, pages, numbers, and keynote.

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I tried right-clicking and control-clicking all of them their icons, their name, the summary, and the update button. None of them offered a contextual menu, let alone an option to hide. I'm running Mavericks. What am I doing wrong? OK, I'm having trouble using this on the new Safari update too. I wonder if this is something that got removed recently.

If people have this working, please post the version of the OS you are using. I'm on If it's really gone, I'll probably delete the hint.

I have I discovered that you can hide purchases under the purchases tab using this method, but unfortunately, you cannot hide the system update - so it won't quiet the daily notification. After failing with this approach and many others, I finally got rid of it by killing the Notification Center. I don't want to upgrade Keynote etc given the regressions basically make it impossible to teach my lectures and make podcasts with the new Keynote, and all the in-your-face notifications from this and everything else were driving me nuts along with the constant need to reset after new installs I find I am liking OS X a lot more again.

Why is Apple getting all Redmondy now?

Yep, you're just old fashioned : While I'm not a massive fan of the App Store overall, I hated it when I had to go to two different places to update my software and much prefer doing it all together. Certain apps refuse to load until you've updated or signed-in and attempted to update them.

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