My mac menu bar keeps disappearing

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This is convenient because it provides quick access to favorite applications. However, some users prefer to keep every available inch of screen real estate available. To them, an always-visible Dock just gets in the way when they're not using it.

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Apple designed the Dock to be flexible. You can easily change the Dock's settings, so it only appears when you move the cursor over it. Click the Dock icon in the first row of the System Preference window. If you're working with an older version of OS X, the Dock preference pane appears in the Personal section of the System Preferences window.

Remove the check mark if you want the Dock to always be visible. The Dock will now disappear when it's not in use. You can make it reappear as needed by moving your mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen, where the Dock normally resides.

Q&A: The Case of the Disappearing Dock

Of course, if you've already moved the Dock to the left or right edge of the screen, you'll need to mouse over the appropriate location to see the Dock. Besides using the Dock preferences to configure whether the Dock will be shown or hidden, you can also control its visibility directly from the keyboard, without making a trip to the System Preferences.

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The advantage of this method is that you can change the visibility setting instantaneously, without bringing up the System Preferences first. Our last method for quickly changing the visibility setting of the Dock is to use your mouse or trackpad.

Fixing the Problem of Missing Dock Icons on Your Mac

In this case, the Dock has a secret menu you can access by moving the cursor to the Dock separator, that small vertical line that sits between the Dock apps and any folders or documents you've installed in the Dock. With the cursor highlighting the Dock separator, right-click and select Turn Hiding On to hide the Dock; if the Dock is normally hidden, place the cursor in the Dock area to make the Dock appear, then right-click the Dock separator and select Turn Hiding Off. This special troubleshooting technique will clean out some low-level caches and other files that could be the source of your problem.

To attempt this, first shut your Mac down from the Apple Menu at the upper-left corner of your screen. Afterward, press the power button to turn your computer back on, and then immediately hold down the Shift key on your keyboard.

Mac Mouse Pointer Disappears

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