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Learn more. Champion Dark Matter Infamous remix ft Jarren Benton Dirty Dancing Burn Up That Guy's Crazy Empires Fall It was recorded over 12 months and is the first full length album on the OBV Records roster. The Executive producer of the album is Frances Healy who also arranged the features on the record.

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For the data points, Genius provides the year the song was released, the artist, and a snippet of the song that mentioned NASA. In , the Genius database added 32 different songs with NASA in the lyrics, including several non-English language additions, show that NASA is truly a globally recognized agency — and has become synonymous with space exploration. No surprise here, but most songs are in English German and French make themselves known with 30 songs and 27 songs, respectively.

Next comes Polish with 13 songs, followed by Portuguese with 10 songs. Our runner-up B. War Drum. You're Vs.

The Greatest Pizza Order Ever

Pale Kid Raps Faster. My Favorite Song. Irish Funeral. Dying Young. Black Rainbow. Morimoto Just Duet. The Parlour. Crazy Perfectly Content. Royals Cap Number the Stars. Marijuana Plants on Saturn. Little Mac. Vodka Tonic with a Lime. Walkin' On Nails. Til the Casket Drops.

Happy To Be Living. Old Rasputin Every Night. The Watchmaker Theory. Absolutely Nowhere. Speak Low.

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Ignorant Design. Quarter Life. Hammered In. No Miracle. In My Dreams. Stir Crazy.

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Black Widow. Bareknuckle Chris. Life is Death is So Damn Good. Oak Tree.

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Mean Jab. Love Potion. Neck Cracker. Turn Off the Radio. The Edge Baptized in Whiskey. Pass the Ammo. El Camino. The Original Make-Out Bandit. Fuck You All. The Gas Station.

236 Times When Rap Music Loved NASA Enough to Name-Drop the Space Agency

There's Been A Murder. At Least There's Twitter. Mallory Knox. Basketball Shorts. Baby Powder. My Angel Veronica. Take Me In My Sleep.

Clinically Insane. My Mom Izza Thug. My Favorite Screams. Mermaid Pornography. The Sketchbook. Cousin Tiffany's Wedding. Cherry Soda Pop. Heart of a Pig.


A Cool Breeze. Jenna Loves Lethal. Midnight in Manhattan. The M. Incredible Mozart Rap. Where the Wild Things Are. Ike Turner Psychic Network. Weekly Wage. Don't Piss Me Off feat. Drunk Flow 3. Earth By Earth.